I love to feel the warmth that spring brings. I love the colours of the trees in blossom and the buzzing of the bees as they get back to their duties. 🐝
It’s the chance to open up the windows and doors to air out the stuffiness and cleanse. Especially now the lockdown restrictions are lifting and we are allowed out again!
Spring is also a great time to cleanse the body too, as we have moved from the dark, cold Yin of winter into the warmer Yang season. ☀️
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Wood is the element of spring which is connected with the Liver. The Liver controls the flow of our Qi – our life force that flows through the body. If the Qi is not flowing freely, it causes imbalances, irritability and health problems. Stress is a major blow to the Liver along with many of the other impacts from our hectic work/life balance, such as poor diet, low exercise and poor quality sleep.
So, to help put a spring back in the flow of Qi I recommend starting the day with a Liver boosting fresh juice. I have been juicing regularly recently and it has helped me feel more energised and focused. It’s also been great to drink on the go! 🥤
1 apple
2  beetroots
Juice of 1 lemon
1 inch raw ginger
Peel and wash beets. Wash the apples. Juice the beetroot, apples and ginger. Add the lemon juice and enjoy!
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