To provide you with the best care and protection, these Covid-19 procedures have be put in place, for your safety and safety of anyone at the clinic.

I continue to follow Government and Public Health England’s advice so I can plan accordingly and update these policies if required.

Please do not come to the clinic if:

· You or someone in your household have any symptom of Covid-19

· You or anyone in your household has been in contact with someone with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 in the last 10 days.

PLEASE DO NOT attend your appointment if you start to feel unwell. Please email me on to rearrange your appointment. 

Please wash or disinfect your hands on arrival at the clinic.
Please attend the treatment no more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time because the clinic room has to be cleaned and aired between patients. Attend the clinic by yourself, unless you require a chaperone.
I will be maintaining my high standard of hand washing regularly and also using mask to mitigate the risk of transmission. Unless medically exempt, I ask all my patients to wear masks while in the clinic.

Single use paper barriers will be used on the couch and pillow covers. Fresh clean towels, pillows and couch covers will be used for each patient and these are washed at 60 degrees after use. The treatment room and all contact points such as treatment couch, desk, chairs, surfaces, handles, etc. will be cleaned after each patient.

All payments should be by card and ideally through contactless payment.

Time will be left between appointments.

I look forward to treating you!