Hypnopuncture – Hypnosis & acupuncture explained

 I have been certified in the hypnopuncture method and was taught by reputed hypno-practitioner, Sharleen Lawrence, who has years of experience in the field.

Hypnosis and acupuncture, when combined in the right setting, can help to facilitate healing on a deeply therapeutic level.

Hypnosis can ease your mind into a calm state of deep relaxation into your subconscious mind. However, this doesn’t mean that you will lose all awareness or be in a trance-like state; it only means that you are in a deeper state of relaxation, therefore allowing you to access your subconscious mind.

I use soothing visualisation techniques to guide your mind into a state that almost feels as if you are floating. You will feel warm and relaxed, allowing the acupuncture treatment to work on an even deeper level.


Hypnopuncture – How it can help

Often, our past experiences and learnt behaviours can block us from being able to access the true thoughts and feelings that lie buried in our subconscious mind.

Children are innately instinctual. They are curious and are natural explorers, and only learn to be fearful or cautious through experience. They pick up on cues given by their carers and their initial open curiosity is replaced by a more reserved approach, which is essential for survival.

However, sometimes our experiences early in our youth or childhood, can affect us negatively throughout our lives.

This is why our conscious mind, when faced with a situation that seems threatening, goes into a panic “fight or flight” state.

On a rational level, we probably know that it doesn’t need such a strong negative response, but unfortunately we can’t help ourselves.

Hypnosis and acupuncture, when blended together, can reach deeper into our psyche.

Sometimes, we resort to drugs, smoking or drinking excess alcohol as a defence mechanism that protects us from facing these deep-seated fears. Other times, our fears can manifest in our bodies with constant headaches, back aches, or can even affect our digestion.

If you are affected by addictions, muscle and body discomfort, or find yourself stressed and loosing sleep, hypnopuncture could bring you the peace of mind you long for and could allow your body to heal.


Qualifications in Acupuncture and Naturopathy

I hold a Diploma in Acupuncture and a Diploma in Naturopathy from the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

Since qualifying, I have undertaken extensive postgraduate training in Chinese medicine including fertility, women’s health and menopause, sports injuries and pain management, pediatric shonishin acupuncture and auricular (ear) acupuncture.

I am registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and General Naturopathic Council.

My clinics are located in Angel/ Islington and Crouch End, North London.

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Naturopathy Therapy Crouch end Angel Islington


“I was just lucky to have chosen to go to Nadine at the right time! She is so thorough in her approach whatever the issue and there’s always that personal attention and reassurance she gives you.
She listens to and analyses your problem and suggests a treatment suitable to you and never a one-size-fits-all approach . After having done a lot of tests and finding no issues acupuncture was my last resort and it was the best decision I had taken . Can’t thank you enough Nadine!” Anila V